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Welcome to the GDC AI Fellowship!

Global Digital Corps (GDC) Gen AI Fellowship is a national programme to identify the top 100 highly skilled student programmers from India for an industry-led internship to contribute to open-source digital public infrastructure with Gen AI.

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Watch Satya Nadella's keynote at Microsoft AI Tour

Mentioning the Open Healthcare Network, an open-source work done by our students along with industry experts.

Shout Out from Satya Nadella CEO and Chairman of Microsoft for Open Healthcare Network

If you are an avid student programmer, then this opportunity is for you!

GDC Al Fellowship

In this programme, selected students can take our advanced web development courses for free. Upon completion, you will be eligible for an exciting internship, and contribute your skills towards upgrading digital public goods. Students with prior knowledge and skills in full-stack web development can apply for this opportunity.

GDC AI Fellowships are supported by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. The donor funding allows us to bring this programme to you for free.

Get started for


Skill track

If you are an aspiring programmer and looking for courses that will steer you towards gaining coding skills, then you can visit this link to know more.

Skill with credits track

Interested in learning programming even though you are not from the computer science department? You can do so while earning credits, towards your undergraduate degree, click here to know more.

Innovate with impact

A Journey through Generative AI, Open Source, and Digital Public Goods. You will be working alongside experts from the industry. Some of the programme highlights are:

  • Build real-world, Generative AI-powered Web Apps.
  • Create open-source software.
  • Learn from the practical lessons created by industry experts.
  • Learn Typed Functional Programming.
  • Contribute to creating digital public goods.

Everything you need to know

What is this?

Industry-led advanced training for students to build foundational skills to work with AI.


To upskill yourself so you can contribute to open-source code for Open Healthcare Network and other new digital public goods.

Who is this for?

Must be a current undergraduate or postgraduate student in any course at a higher education institution in India and within the age group 18-25. You should have written at least some amount of code yourselves before, either on personal projects or college projects.


The Fellowship consists of 14 weeks of coding followed by a 6-month internship with the eGovernment Foundation, for successful candidates.


380 hours of highly enjoyable study & programming. You have to dedicate about 10 hours a week throughout the total duration of fellowship (38 Weeks).


Self-paced learning via video tutorials, real-world applications as capstone projects, and culminate with remote internships.


Access the GDC Community and showcase your work weekly with mentors and fellow students. Get your code reviewed by professionals, and connect with them during AMA sessions.


JavaScript, Node.js and Typescript.




Why should I apply early?

The admissions are on a rolling basis, and might close earlier if the seats are filled for the cohort.


Here's the launch video of the open-source healthcare project that the existing GDC fellows are currently working.

Video of the open-source healthcare project that the existing GDC fellows are currently working.



18.6 Cr

Population Coverage.


ICU Beds.


Lives Saved.

* Stats as of April 9th, 2024


GDC Fellows are currently building the following tools to transform healthcare delivery across 9 states in India.

Illustration of Voice


Medispeak transforms voice to text and automatically fill Electronic Medical Records.

Illustration of Vision


Automate medical readings from ICU equipment into Electronic Medical Records.

Illustration of Agent


Ayushma AI is multilingual Medical Protocol Assistant for assisting nurses.

Photograph of Srikanth Nadhamuni

Transforming India with AI

Srikanth Nadhamuni returned from Silicon Valley to join hands with Nandan Nilekani and transformed the digital public infrastructure for India with Aadhaar.

GDC AI Fellows intern with eGovernance foundation setup by Nandan and Srikanth to transform India using technology.

Fellowships to Full-Time Jobs

Hear from students who have learned AI Skills while interning with eGovernance Foundation during college and now working full-time building solutions for healthcare delivery.

Testimonial video of GDC student Shivank kacker
Testimonial video of GDC student Rithvik

GDC Initiative supported by

Photograph of Prof. T. G. Sitharam

Prof. T. G. Sitharam

Chairman, AICTE

Photograph of Srikanth Nadhamuni

Srikanth Nadhamuni

Founding CTO, Aadhaar

Photograph of Pramod Varma

Pramod Varma

Chief Architect, Aadhaar & IndiaStack

Photograph of Mekin Maheshwari

Mekin Maheshwari

Founder, Udhyam.org
ex-CTO, Flipkart

Photograph of Prasad Menon

Prasad Menon

Ex CHRO, Cleartrip

Photograph of Prof. Anil Sahasrabudhe

Prof. Anil Sahasrabudhe

Chairman, National Educational Technology Forum


Since its launch in 2020 at the peak of the Covid pandemic, over 100,000 students have applied for GDC Fellowships. Meet the fellows below.


The fellowship, recommended by my professors, offered an enriching Full Stack Web Development course with constant mentor support. The subsequent 6-month internship not only boosted my skills but also allowed me to contribute to vital Covid-19 projects, providing a fulfilling career push.

Photo of Shailesh

Shailesh Aanand

Vinoba Bhave University

Before the fellowship, coding was a challenge. The 10-week training transformed my skills and mindset in web development. Grateful for the supportive community, industry insights, and numerous opportunities it provided, including my first web app and open-source contribution.

Photo of Samyuktha

Samyuktha Ganeshkumar

Anna University

View all testimonials from our students

A summary of the working

From application to internship, what are the steps involved along with the flow is given below.


Application process

The Journey of a student from the application process

student apply

Student apply for GDC AI fellowship

student shortlist icon

Students will be Shortlisted for AI assessment

The AI assessment will access your skills for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and backend tools.

You will receive this information via an email.

interview icon

Students will be Shortlisted for One on one interview

Students who perform best in the AI assessments will be shortlisted and one on one interview will be scheduled.

You will receive this information via an email.


Learning process

Your journey to learn and reach your potential starts

onboarding icon

Students will be Onboarded to the Courses

Students shortlisted from one on one interview will be onboarded to WD-101, WD-201, and WD-301 together.

Course complete.svg

Complete all three courses within deadline

Students who complete all 3 courses within the deadline will become eligible for internship.


Internship process

Your are a step away to become a GDC AI fellow.

interview icon

Screening for internship

Students who complete all 3 courses within the deadline will be screened for internship

Confetti icon

Internship granted

Students who pass the internship screening will be granted 6 month internship at our partners.

How is this program different?

Coaching by industry experts

Your submissions will be reviewed and feedback will be given by experts.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) with devs, designers, and founders.

The best things about these AMAs are the freewheeling question and answer session, where you interact within the network of experts about the most pressing questions in your mind.

Fellowship with a group of students from across the country.

You will collaborate with your peers, through git, GitHub, and the pull request workflow. You will have access to a community forum for discussions as well as a Discord server for conversations.


You will learn a host of practical skills that will help you in kick-starting your career, and some lessons that will stay with you even long after.


This program will try to explain the fundamentals of the web. You will learn JavaScript, Node.js and Typescript along the way. The courses are designed to be hands-on with milestones at each level. The lessons are designed to make you think and implement the concepts you have learned throughout the course.


You have prior programming skills in full-stack web development and that you already have a development environment with a stable internet connection, Linux/Mac is preferred, Windows is not preferred (except Linux on Windows with WSL).

Above all, you need to have a strong will to learn new skills.

Rolling Admissions

All incoming entries are evaluated on a first come, first served basis and if there are enough qualified applicants, the application process would close earlier. We encourage you to apply early if you are interested in being a part of this fellowship program.

Screening and Selection

Students applying for the fellowship program will undergo a multi-level screening and selection process, starting from the application stage and continuing through internship onboarding. Only those who successfully pass the final screening after completing the training will be onboarded for a 6-month internship.

Students who successfully complete both the training and the 6-month internship will be recognized as GDC Fellows.


Email us at [email protected]

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